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An experimental project dedicated to reprinting public domain books
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for This Service

What is This All About?

This is an experimental project dedicated to reprinting public domain books.

Who is Behind This?

This project was originally created by Yakov Shafranovich and is currently operated by Shaftek Enterprises, LLC in partnership with several POD printers.

How Does It Work

Using publically available APIs we provide a unified search engine to search for public domain books and giving you an option to request a reprint. We list other reprint publishers and their produces, and also provide an option of request a reprint through our own system.

What if I can't find the book I need?

If you can't locate a book that you need through our system, please see public search engines.

What is the difference between a title, edition and a reprint?

A title usually corresponds to the original title obtained from a digital archive. A title usually produces one or more editions - which correspond to a physical book. Each edition has one or more reprints, which correspond to various bindings of the same physical book. A request is placed by users in order to obtain an edition or a reprint from a specific set of titles.

In FRBR terms, a title correspond to a work, an edition is a expression, and a reprint corresponds to an manifestation.

How do I buy a Reprint?

For reprint products provides by other publishers and retailers, please follow the link we provide. For reprints that we handle ourselves, please use the buy buttons on our website.

Whom do I Contact with Questions About My Order?

Please contact the retailer or POD service that handled your order with any questions about your order. We cannot answer any customer service questions since we do not have direct access to any order data.

How Can I be Sure the Book Comes Out OK?

We try to obtain a preview for you to look at it prior to order for reprints that we process ourselves.. PLEASE NOTE: THERE IS NO WARRANTY OF ANY KIND. IF THE BOOK DOES NOT COME OUT THE WAY YOU EXPECT, DON'T BLAME US.

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