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List of Non-Standard Editions (Updated Hourly)
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## Type Name (click for details) External Links
1 Manually Created A Copious and Critical English-Latin Lexicon (1849) AlibrisAmazonBookFinderGoogleLibraryThingWorldCat
2 Split A Copious and Critical English-Latin Lexicon: Vol I (A-G) AlibrisAmazonBookFinderGoogleLibraryThingWorldCat
3 Split A Copious and Critical English-Latin Lexicon: Vol II (H-Z) AlibrisAmazonBookFinderGoogleLibraryThingWorldCat
4 Manually Created Architectural Record (Vol 51) (1922) AlibrisAmazonBookFinderGoogleLibraryThingWorldCat
5 Manually Created Architectural record (Vol 52) (1922) AlibrisAmazonBookFinderGoogleLibraryThingWorldCat
6 Manually Created Sefer Or Ester (1812) AlibrisAmazonBookFinderGoogleLibraryThingWorldCat
7 Manually Created The Attic Stories with a new foreword (1818) AlibrisAmazonBookFinderGoogleLibraryThingWorldCat
8 Manually Created The Perfect Gentleman (1860) AlibrisAmazonBookFinderGoogleLibraryThingWorldCat
9 Manually Created The directorium asceticum = or, Guide to the spiritual life [Vol 1] (1902) AlibrisAmazonBookFinderGoogleLibraryThingWorldCat

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